Food pH and Weight Loss

Because of the growing awareness on the importance of having a healthy weight, Australians are now getting more and more health conscious. However, still a growing number of Australians are overweight, reports the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. A large number of overweight Australians are still thriving to lose weight, but to no avail. They’ve tried almost any method: exercise, diet, and medical means, but none of these seem to be effective. Recently, researchers have gathered new ideas and concluded that the pH level in the food we eat contributes greatly to how much we weigh. pH Value – [...]

Difference Between Alkaline and Acidic Foods

Foods can be divided into two general groups: the alkaline and the acidic food groups. They are categorized based on their effects on the pH level of the bloodstream. Both foods, when taken excessively, may cause either of the two conditions: systemic acidosis or severe alkalosis. Therefore, it is important to take proper balance of both alkaline and acidic foods. Understanding the pH Scale It is important to understand how pH works in order to know more about the concept of alkaline and acidic. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. While 7 is considered neutral,  the range below [...]

Alkaline Food List

Keeping the balance of alkaline and acid in our daily food intake is considered helpful for people wishing to have optimum health. While there is conflicting information regarding this issue, it is still helpful to know whether a particular food is alkaline or acidic. Why Go Alkaline? Foods that are rich in alkaline are said to help cleanse our system by eliminating acidic wastes present in our body. The accumulation of these wastes is mainly because of poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, environmental toxins, medicines and other harmful substances. Alkaline foods help neutralize acidity, thus, promoting good health and at [...]

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