Five Benefits of an Acid Free Diet

People are advised to eat a well balanced diet if the want to live a longer and healthier life. This is great advice but there are other more specific (and less balanced diets) that suit certain people better and one of these is the acid free diet. As the name suggests this diet consists of the best alkaline foods. Some natural health experts suggest that a lot of sicknesses occur when the body PH level becomes too acidic and to make it alkaline, people can only consume the right combinations of foods and drinks. There are several advantages that humans [...]

List of Acid-Forming Foods

You may ask: What is with the alkaline vs. Acidic diet? Well, scientifically speaking, it is all about health. Did you know that your blood pH must be a little on the alkaline side for you to stay healthy and be able to fight diseases?  However, you must keep your alkaline level balance within the range of 7.35-7.45. Although a pH level of 7.0 is considered as neutral, going below this line is considered as acidic. How Do You Become Acidic? Your pH becomes acidic generally because of the foods you eat. Acid-forming foods, toxins ingestion, emotional and physical stress, [...]

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