Food pH and Weight Loss

Because of the growing awareness on the importance of having a healthy weight, Australians are now getting more and more health conscious. However, still a growing number of Australians are overweight, reports the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. A large number of overweight Australians are still thriving to lose weight, but to no avail. They’ve tried almost any method: exercise, diet, and medical means, but none of these seem to be effective. Recently, researchers have gathered new ideas and concluded that the pH level in the food we eat contributes greatly to how much we weigh. pH Value – [...]

Alkaline Diet Plan

A diet that is low in alkalinizing foods and high in acidifying foods, according to a lot of natural therapists, can contribute to a number of health problems and serious diseases. Nevertheless, if we could just look at the “normal” food intake of Australians, their diet usually consists of a lot of high acid-forming choices. An alkaline diet is mainly composed of more alkaline-forming foods rather than acidic ones. The Importance of Alkaline-Acid Balance In order for the body to achieve its optimal function, one must have the proper balance of alkaline and acid in the blood, urine, lymph, and [...]

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