Is Alkaline Water A Scam?

There are a lot of interest being generated by the marketers of alkaline water and a lot of consumers are left asking the question: Is it a scam?

Alkaline water is marketed as the easy way to neutralize acid in the bloodstream. A number of “experts” claim that it boosts the body’s metabolism and aid in the effective nutrient absorption. In addition, they also state that it can help in disease prevention and slow down cell degeneration process.

Are These Proven Claims?

The answer is a big no. According to the, there are no medical records to prove that alkaline water is able to do these “miracles”. As a matter of fact, tests even show that the claim “drinking alkaline water will neutralize the acid in your stomach” is completely untrue. In fact, as the alkaline water raises your stomach’s alkalinity, your stomach will simply pump in more acid to counteract the alkaline formation.

Alkaline Water: What Is It?

Alkaline water is drinking water with a higher pH than tap water’s normal 7.0. The water’s pH level differs by the amount of hydrogen (H) and hydroxyl (OH) it has. The chemical composition of water is H2O or H+OH. If the Hydrogen and Hydroxyl in water are on the same level, then the water’s pH will be at the neutral 7.Adding hydrogen-laden minerals to water will decrease its pH, while adding hydroxyl-rich minerals will increase the water’s ph. Therefore, more OH in water means it is alkaline and less OH in water means it is acidic.

Will Alkaline Water Harm You?

While there are still no evidence that drinking alkaline water may harm you, it has not been proven that it will not do you good either. The acid in your stomach will neutralize the water’s pH, no matter how high or low it is.

So, drinking alkaline water could be considered relatively pointless.

However, if ever you will be successful in changing the pH level of your bloodstream by ingesting alkalinizing substances, then your body will surely react and could eventually develop a condition called Metabolic Alkalosis.

Because it is marketed as a food supplements, selling alkaline water is not regulated. It is the same way they sell certain weight loss, male enhancement, hair growth, and other similar products. They are selling like hotcakes because they are not regulated and people are desperate for instant results.

So, Is Alkaline Water A Scam?

To be completely honest, the jury is still out on this one. There don’t seem to be any published research papers showing any benefit from drinking it, so until we see some further investigation we wont have any definite answers.

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