Alkaline Diet Plan

A diet that is low in alkalinizing foods and high in acidifying foods, according to a lot of natural therapists, can contribute to a number of health problems and serious diseases. Nevertheless, if we could just look at the “normal” food intake of Australians, their diet usually consists of a lot of high acid-forming choices. An alkaline diet is mainly composed of more alkaline-forming foods rather than acidic ones.

The Importance of Alkaline-Acid Balance

In order for the body to achieve its optimal function, one must have the proper balance of alkaline and acid in the blood, urine, lymph, and other fluids in the body.  If high levels of acid accumulate in a certain body part, organs located nearby can degenerate or malfunction.

Effects of Excessive Body Acids

Excessive amounts of acid, or in medical term, acidosis, is mainly caused by the consumption of too much acidifying foods. Apart from this, it can also be the product of low sugar in the blood, stress, fatigue, too much alcohol, and even excessive exercise. Acidosis can affect the body in a negative way. This condition is related to various health problems, such as osteoporosis, kidney disease, stroke, asthma, heart disease and high blood pressure.

7 Diet Alkalizing Tips

1. Eat a lot of fruits and veggies.
2. Add freshly-squeezed lemon to your water.
3. Cut out beef, pork and veal.
4. Eat a lot of fatty fish.
5. Take a daily dose of Chlorella Supplement.
6. Consume salads made with kale, cucumbers, broccoli and mustard greens as often as possible.
7. Stay away from sugary stuff, fast food and processed foods.

Alkaline Diet

In general, the emphasis of an alkaline diet is eating whole foods, such as root crops and vegetables, and some fruits, grains, nuts, beans and lentils, seeds and spices. The diet must also consist of alkalizing drink like spring water, green tea, and ginger root tea. Small amounts of meat, fish, essential fats, eggs and milk products are allowed, as well.

In order to avoid being highly-acidic, you must avoid eating large amounts of meat and animal products, processed foods, white sugar, flour and caffeine.

Here is a Sample Alkaline Diet Menu:

Breakfast: a vegetable omelette made with 1 or 2 eggs and chopped onions, capsicums, tomatoes, and green, leafy veggies; a cup of green tea

Snack: 1 whole pear and an ounce of roasted pumpkin seeds

Lunch: a serving of salmon, tuna, chicken or tofu; 2 cups of fresh veggies with lemon-dill dressing

Snack: 1 egg, hard-boiled and seasoned with sea salt and minced parsley, carrot sticks or half a cup of almonds

Dinner: a serving of fish, turkey, or chicken, a medium  piece of baked sweet potato and mixed salad greens

A moderate serving of acidic foods is also necessary to keep the alkaline and acid in your body perfectly balanced. A little grated cheese to perk up your salads, or some apple slices to add crunch is allowed.

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