Five Benefits of an Acid Free Diet

People are advised to eat a well balanced diet if the want to live a longer and healthier life. This is great advice but there are other more specific (and less balanced diets) that suit certain people better and one of these is the acid free diet. As the name suggests this diet consists of the best alkaline foods. Some natural health experts suggest that a lot of sicknesses occur when the body PH level becomes too acidic and to make it alkaline, people can only consume the right combinations of foods and drinks.

There are several advantages that humans can enjoy because of eating these types of foods. Some of them include the following.


Enhanced Immunity – If the body’s PH level is too acidic its cells are unlikely to function properly. The cells are easily weakened by the highly acidic status of the body giving the disease-causing organisms a chance to enter. Besides, unhealthy cells are not good at removing body toxic substances and waste thus allowing them to accumulate in various organs. The result of this is a weakened immune system. The easy way out is to eat alkalized foods.

An Increased Level of Energy – The human body requires high levels of energy to stay active throughout the day. A body that has a high acid PH is likely to feel fatigued and tired often. The body parts that do not get enough oxygen supply feel tired and exhausted. In order to improve the health of cells that hold and ferry oxygen throughout the body people should eat a more alkalised diets. In addition, going alkaline can boost the production of ATP or adenosine Triphosphate, a product of the cells that helps to increase the body’s energy level.

Strong Teeth and Gums – The mouth is usually acidic when the entire body’s PH level is very acidic. Bacteria proliferate well in very acidic environments and in the mouth they can damage the enamel and gums, triggering halitosis, tooth decay and gingivitis among other problems. Consumption of more alkaline foods and drinks can restore the alkalinity in the body.

Reduced Joint and Tissue Problems – When one eats lots of acidic foods he or she overuses the magnesium reserves in the body. Magnesium is used to neutralize acid and more of it is needed to achieve alkalinity. If a lot of magnesium is used up, joints and tissues issues might start to crop up. Inflamed and sore joints can hurt a lot but the good news is that these are said to be avoided by eating foods that alkalize the body PH.

Prevents Pre-Mature Aging – An acidic environment hampers the cell’s ability to repair itself when damaged. This leads to premature aging which is mostly noticed on the skin. In addition, if the body cells ability to distribute oxygen in the body is interfered with, this can trigger an aging process earlier than expected. Moreover, when the body is unable to rid itself from toxins the effects of this can materialize on the skin. Eating alkaline foods can help to restore a balanced PH balance in the body.

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