An Overview of the Alkaline Diet

The alkaline diet focuses on consuming alkalizing foods, such as certain fruits and vegetables, root crops, tubers, legumes and nuts.

The Food Evolution

Our ancestors had a far different kind of diet compared to the one ‘western’ diet that we have today. Their diet was generally from unprocessed plants and animal products. However, as people evolve, so did the technology and our foods.

Did You Know
As people discovered tools to make their lives easier, they also discovered new ‘food products’. Refined flour and grains were made available right after mankind invented automatic rolling, grinding and sifting equipment.

When livestock domestication was introduced, dairy production followed; and along came salt production and consumption with the mining, processing and transportation of salt. There was also an increase in meat consumption when animal husbandry boomed.

During this time, the technology for grain processing has improved, enabling man to provide food for cattle, thus allowing them to quickly fatten for the slaughter. When the industrial revolution started, the demand and consumption of sugar also heightened.

Alkaline Foods: What Are They?

Alkaline foods are foods that release alkaline into blood after they are metabolized.

Never confuse it with foods that are alkaline during their natural state. The food needs to release alkaline AFTER metabolization in order to be considered as alkaline. In general, foods that are good for us are mostly alkaline.

Foods such as:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Whole Grains
  • Nuts
  • Unprocessed Foods

Most variations of these foods are usually considered to be alkaline.

Why the Alkaline Diet?

You may wonder why more and more people are following an alkaline diet. One of the reasons might be they wish to have a better health. Alkaline diet is believed to alter the acidic system. Acidic diets, according to alternate health practicioners, are among the culprits of having chronic diseases and other b conditions such as  fatigue, stress, and some infections.

On the contrary, the alkaline diet is believed  to minimize stress and irritability, as well as give us more energy to burn. In addition, it is also said to burn faster, thus might help in weight loss, as well.

However, although it is proven that eating more fruits and vegetables and minimizing the consumption of meat and processed food help in reducing the risk of having chronic diseases, scientists and doctors are yet to prove that the alkaline diet can do the wonders that alternative practitioners claim.

Safety Precautions

Since there is a lack of actual researches about the alkaline diet’s contribution to general health, it is better to talk to your doctor before you try it.

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